Australia applying the global third degree

Australie, the land of royal ANZAC glory,
the richest people at the richest time in history.
The best minds, the best plans, the best ABC.
Are we now deluded and far too cheery?

Our war partner’s America, we never leaves its side,
in billion dollar wars that never fail in pride,
Even when deep failure comes along for the ride,
at least we can always say how hard we tried.

We’ll spend money on bombing raids, anywhere day or night,
who cares on which side we fight, our might is always right,
We buy expensive fighter planes, that kill by financial fright,
And buy a few more submarines, to make noises out of sight.

Our wars continue without any sense of security,
maybe thats because of our fabulous credulity.
If the PM wants to shirt front a Russian to show his rage,
it only means he wants to be on the domestic front page.

Our land of hard working migrants, across the suburbs spread,
now fears more asylum seekers, fears them with dread.
Those economic migrants who once came because they hoped,
are now locked up on tropical islands, lost, lonely and moped.

The Minerals Council of Australia,
To help get their profit take away clear,
A thousand bucks from each Australian rob,
From every man, women, child and dog.

Ruled by Global Tax Haven and Finance,
Stuck in the economic growth spiral trance,
Politicians from foreign money dictation
Get to write all mining legislation

The Council has made its greatest plan,
To shovel out all of its coal as quickly as it can.
No matter how much lower goes the coal price,
It can still buy global warming more than twice.

They cancelled our little carbon tax,
and chased out climate science with an axe,
Their advisors on wind and solar are drooling,
because they actually believe in global cooling.

Our coal is the finest in the world, so very clean.
Our carbon emissions can be ignored, and never seen.
Our mining mates handle all of the money stream,
While the globe warms up from our coal wet dream.

Spending on environment, or renewable energy,
needs to be stopped, especially if making money,
Trying to save a species, or anything remotely green,
is Australian economic heresy, like communist extreme,

Without these foreign minding parasites,
Australia might be a real paradise,
Safe from Political Mining Insects,
Cockroaches, Spiders and awful Ticks.

We need our water, we need our land,
we don’t want it all turned to sand.
We don’t need more big holes in the ground,
with more people and less food to go around.

Australie, the land of royal ANZAC glory,
the richest people at the richest time in history.
The best minds, the best plans, the best ABC.
Is it just the beer, or are we far too cheery?

We tell the rest of globe, go fuck off you all,
She’ll be right, mate, we are having our own ball,
While we keep busy making the latest terrorist alert,
from Australia, Canada and USA,  our fossil fuels really hurt.

Australia, you are fooled by men who betray you,
and the media let them do it, with their mon-eyed crew,
Ask not what destroying nature can do for your wealth
when nature’s health has been so very good for your self.


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